Monday, April 11, 2011

"I Don't Like Mondays"

Not a good day to be out of the county yesterday. Turned up at dawn the next morning at Swineham in the hope the Whiskered Tern had stuck around but sadly not.

Few Curlews moving about

Heard from Grahame W that the Woodchat had also gone from Lytchett so decided to head off to Arundel for the Little Crake. Got there around midday and the bird had not been seen since 07.45. Got bored after about 30 mins so had a look around the pens.
Most interesting was the North American one

Female Canvasback

They obviously couldnt find any Black Scoters so threw in a few Commons instead

After some discussions found out the Crake showed much better first and last thing so decided to shove off to Selsey.

Got back to Arundel at around 5.30 to find the Crake had just reappeared briefly. After a couple more glimpses in the next hour it was getting very frustrating until finally it decided to feed in a more open area. However viewing space was very limited on the narrow boardwalk and things got rather cosy.

Little Crake flight shot!