Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What no Bluethroat pun!

Portlands 4th Bluethroat of the spring was found by Charlie Richards at Chesil Cove. I was in the area  myself, trying to add one of these to my self found list but eventually gave way and went and had a look. I also later stopped off at Britain's most photographed Ring Ouzels so if you follow local blogs  I am thinking you have probably seen plenty of photos of these birds already. Too bad! you are going to see some more. There will be a few species you havent seen though.

Here's one of the extra bonus birds, intermedius Lesser Black-back at Crown Estate Field

Thrush fields at Suckthumb

Continental Song Thrush

Particularly strong orange eyering and bill on this bird, also fair amount of pale edgings to feathers