Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Wind south 2, 8/8, low cloud
Despite the low cloud, things looked quite promising with birds moving as I arrived (c06.40)
Lots of ticking Song Thrushes in first line of bushes along track. On reaching the end heard yet another Ring Ouzel chakking away. Saw it briefly, looked like a male.
Couple of Redwing over, next was a flock of 15 finches with plenty of Brambling calls coming from amongst the Chaffinch, couldnt say what the mix was.
A few more flocks with Brambling calls until light rain stopped all that.
South beach wood area: 1 Goldcrest, more Brambling heard and 1 Chiff, this bird was giving a short version of the juv seeoo call. In fact so have many of the others I have recently heard. I think we will have to come up with another explanation for these calls in late October as they are clearly not young juveniles.
Fort Henry: 20 + 3 Siskin over and a Green Woodpecker feeding on the grass.

A flock of finches feeding in the tops of the sycamores behind the Manor Hotel turned out to include at least 5 Brambling and prob quite a few more. Took a few shots but they were very skittish for some reason so most pretty poor. Couple of Blackcap and Chiffs about and a Song Thrush singing.

Merlin flew through Studland Churchyard and another Song Thrush singing

Friday, October 23, 2009

Portland Bill

A later than usual arrival at The Bill this morning was timed perfectly to see a Cetti's Warbler pulled out of the nets.
You can see the very short wing projection associated with short distance movers

Yellow-browed at The Hump

Nice and close but against the light on this one

Bit of a hazy image of an inquisitive Firecrest behind the Craft centre

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Crossbill day

Another Crossbill day at Glebelands end of Ballard with a total of 232 birds heading north east.
Other highlight was 1+ Tree Sparrow with Mipits and later a flock of 6. Also Ring Ouzel and Golden Plover through and 66 Redpoll

Merlin still hanging around. Looks like a juvenile

Monday, October 12, 2009

Glebelands for vis mig

Top of Glebelands again this morning with Mark to get some vis mig recordings for the book.
Kicked off with a couple of Ring Ouzels. Managed to get a couple of shots in the dim light

Same shot cropped

Lesser Redpoll dropped in briefly

212 Crossbills today but no time for photos unfortunately, too much counting to do!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ringed Meds etc

Glebelands. Wind east/north east 3-4
Few things moving inc a flock of 34 Crossbill east, Ring Ouzel over
and Goldfinches on the move

Med at South beach

Green 491 from France. (Paris can just be made out on the metal ring when zoomed in)

White 3L34

Green AAEE, this bird was ringed as a youngster on a small island in the Elbe estuary north west of Hamburg

Here it is in Germany, this pic kindly sent by the guys that ringed the bird

White 3V79

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy day at Portland

With the onset of rain not long after arrival had to settle for a drive down to the Common to see if any Gulls were about.

Intermedius with Herring and graellsii. Looked a bit more interesting through bins appearing darker and a bit slimmer than it actually was. It has got an attenuated rear end however this is exaggerated by the worn tertials


Size wise not a lot of difference. Certainly seems to have a smaller eye though.
Click on images to enlarge.

This Med also taken from the car, at the end of the track that follows the eastern edge of the Common to the sea

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brownsea Lagoon

Turnstone standing guard.

Spoonbills arriving

Undercarriage down

Watch the Avocets!

Egret with minnow?

Worth zooming in on this one

Panicking Blackwits

Blackwit wallpaper

One of this year's birds with some winter scapulars

Colour-ringed bird. Details to follow

Red Squirrel legging it down path