Monday, May 31, 2010


Dont usually stop at Ferrybridge on the way but spotted a Godwit from the car whilst driving past.
Closer inspection revealed a rather late Barwit with a rather long bill.

Given the rather late date thought it may be interesting so hung around until it decided to take flight.
As the tide came in, rather than flying off it decided rather frustratingly to swim off!

It did eventually go to reveal a standard white rump with just a few markings

No Trumpeter Finches in the Obs quarry but there was a late Greenland type Wheatear which was a little shy at first but eventually came out.

Also a rather agitated Rock Pipit still managing to call with a mouthful of food

Views of the auk colony can be obtained at the cliff edge by the MOD boundary fence.

It soon became apparent that if I got through the broken bit of the fence I could get a lot closer!

Better views of the other ledges also from here

Broad-bodied Chaser at the Obs pond

Cream-spot Tiger caught overnight

Friday, May 28, 2010


More survey work here, this time took along the camera. Best bird was a Red Kite

About an hour later the same or another bird heading east

Passing Geeb

Bit of a late finish

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brownsea Lagoon

As usual, lots of squabbling on the nesting islands. This one was particularly vicious with lots of head stabbing. Also Common Tern getting involved.

Still not finished

Innocent Oystercatcher getting seen off

Twisting turn

Little bit more harmony here but still plenty of verbals

Returning leucistic Black-headed Gull

One to click on here

Tawny Owl roosting near The Villa

Swineham, early morning

Somebody had reported a Purple Heron late yesterday on private land near Swineham so went out early this morning to have a look around
Nothing doing around the pits. At the point 3 male Bearded Tits were showing well

This one was much closer but straight into the sun unfortunately

An Osprey came in from the west, then began to hover, quite high over the Wareham Channel, it did this for about 30 seconds before deciding it couldnt see any fish and headed off north.

2 of the original 3 Egyptian Geese that I saw here 10 days ago are still hanging around. Strange that nobody else has seen them in between. They were pretty mobile this morning first seen flying over Arne Moors wood then sometime later over Keysworth before eventually doing a fly- by towards the gravel pits. The one on the left is a grey morph bird with a much paler head, smaller dark area around eye and a more pinky looking bill. Also the over all general colouration is less saturated

A courtship plumaged Little Egret with pinky red lores

Feet also different from the usual yellow

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hartland Moor

Not too much going on today here. There was a family of Stonechats with some fledged young

This Cuckoo was being hounded by 2 Mipits and kept going short distances and landing on the ground. Maybe an egg was imminent.

Starling from garden. Lots of mimicry from this bird with very good impressions of Buzzard and Grey Heron which it uttered randomly from silence rather than mixed in with the song They certainly fooled me the first time I heard them.
Could also do Mallard, singing Blackbird, Greenfinch and Curlew which also had me looking up.

Here its clearing out an old nest which wasnt actually wasnt that oldl. It had only been vacated by the last lot of young 2 days earlier. Now I am trying to figure out whether it would be the same pair again or another pair taking advantage of an empty nest site

Monday, May 10, 2010

Greenlands Farm etc

4am start this morning. Ringed Plover calling overhead as walked out front door.
First Nightjar near Arne triangle. Not churring yet, just a few calls

Couple of Whimbrel at Greenlands Farm

Ring-necked Parakeet heading away from Studland

This fine male Whinchat was feeding on the grass with a few Wheatears. At distance could have passed as a brightly coloured Wheatear with quite similar plumage and feeding actions

Just the one Yellow Wagtail

Spotted this Flycatcher driving past Slepe Farm

You sometimes wonder how they manage to catch flies so easily with that small pointy bill however a view from below reveals how wide it actually is.

Local Redstart still looking for a mate

Hobby hawking over the garden later