Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swineham, early morning

Somebody had reported a Purple Heron late yesterday on private land near Swineham so went out early this morning to have a look around
Nothing doing around the pits. At the point 3 male Bearded Tits were showing well

This one was much closer but straight into the sun unfortunately

An Osprey came in from the west, then began to hover, quite high over the Wareham Channel, it did this for about 30 seconds before deciding it couldnt see any fish and headed off north.

2 of the original 3 Egyptian Geese that I saw here 10 days ago are still hanging around. Strange that nobody else has seen them in between. They were pretty mobile this morning first seen flying over Arne Moors wood then sometime later over Keysworth before eventually doing a fly- by towards the gravel pits. The one on the left is a grey morph bird with a much paler head, smaller dark area around eye and a more pinky looking bill. Also the over all general colouration is less saturated

A courtship plumaged Little Egret with pinky red lores

Feet also different from the usual yellow