Monday, May 10, 2010

Greenlands Farm etc

4am start this morning. Ringed Plover calling overhead as walked out front door.
First Nightjar near Arne triangle. Not churring yet, just a few calls

Couple of Whimbrel at Greenlands Farm

Ring-necked Parakeet heading away from Studland

This fine male Whinchat was feeding on the grass with a few Wheatears. At distance could have passed as a brightly coloured Wheatear with quite similar plumage and feeding actions

Just the one Yellow Wagtail

Spotted this Flycatcher driving past Slepe Farm

You sometimes wonder how they manage to catch flies so easily with that small pointy bill however a view from below reveals how wide it actually is.

Local Redstart still looking for a mate

Hobby hawking over the garden later