Monday, May 31, 2010


Dont usually stop at Ferrybridge on the way but spotted a Godwit from the car whilst driving past.
Closer inspection revealed a rather late Barwit with a rather long bill.

Given the rather late date thought it may be interesting so hung around until it decided to take flight.
As the tide came in, rather than flying off it decided rather frustratingly to swim off!

It did eventually go to reveal a standard white rump with just a few markings

No Trumpeter Finches in the Obs quarry but there was a late Greenland type Wheatear which was a little shy at first but eventually came out.

Also a rather agitated Rock Pipit still managing to call with a mouthful of food

Views of the auk colony can be obtained at the cliff edge by the MOD boundary fence.

It soon became apparent that if I got through the broken bit of the fence I could get a lot closer!

Better views of the other ledges also from here

Broad-bodied Chaser at the Obs pond

Cream-spot Tiger caught overnight