Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hartland Moor

Not too much going on today here. There was a family of Stonechats with some fledged young

This Cuckoo was being hounded by 2 Mipits and kept going short distances and landing on the ground. Maybe an egg was imminent.

Starling from garden. Lots of mimicry from this bird with very good impressions of Buzzard and Grey Heron which it uttered randomly from silence rather than mixed in with the song They certainly fooled me the first time I heard them.
Could also do Mallard, singing Blackbird, Greenfinch and Curlew which also had me looking up.

Here its clearing out an old nest which wasnt actually wasnt that oldl. It had only been vacated by the last lot of young 2 days earlier. Now I am trying to figure out whether it would be the same pair again or another pair taking advantage of an empty nest site