Monday, April 25, 2011

Corsica day 5

Had been hearing Wrynecks singing each morning around the villa but not seen them. This morning they were showing quite well with up to 3 birds around.

Citril Finches getting a bit closer

Some sort of Lizard. Lots of these basking on the early morning east facing wall

Follow this road for 30km and you can get to Haut-Asco, another alpine area. Then its the 30km back down again! Think I'll give it a miss this time.

Instead we headed for the Aitone Forest apparently very good for Crossbills which I was keen to photograph. Unfortunately didnt find any although did spot a soaring 2nd cy Golden Eagle.

Island race Great Tit, again not really a great deal of difference. Upper parts duller and more greyish-olive than nominate major with nape in particular less yellowish, modelled here by this rather obliging bird.