Saturday, April 23, 2011

Double dip

Should have been resting up really but finally cracked on the Black Stork. It had apparently been seen 4 days running from the same car park between 12.50 - 14.20. Arrived in plenty of time at 11.30. Plenty of people watching, well I say watching, more sitting around having sandwiches and chatting really. It was unbelievably hot and shade soon had to be taken. Was called at around 12.45 by Steve Smith with news of a Hoopoe showing well at Arne, but I had to sit it out. Needless to say this was in vain, this was the day when the bird changed its habits. I gave it to 14.30 and others to 16.30 with no luck.

Twitching, Hampshire style

Got to Arne and did the long hot walk (seemed a long way anyway) to the northern end of the Arne peninsula. The Hoopoe had been happily feeding on the side of the track for a few hours and was surely still going to be around. Alas not, I was beaten to it by a bunch of people and their unleashed dogs that had somehow managed to find their way past all the private no entry signs. The bird wasnt seen again.