Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Cant believe I got to the end of October without doing any vis mig at Durlston. With surveys, Scilly and then the Portland purple patch, the time has just flown by.
Turned out it was a well timed visit as one of the first birds was a Bee-eater. Initially picked up at some distance, it showed for a few seconds over the Globe before disappearing.
We assumed it must have been yesterdays bird from Swanage but at this stage we couldnt be sure, with no other Bee-eater species ruled out at this stage!  We headed that way and it appeared again briefly, somewhat closer, confirming it was the Swanage bird.

We waited at the Globe for another appearance, when a Continental Coal Tit announced itself, calling continously. We had it briefly in bushes before it took off, climbing almost vertically, then lingering a while to get its bearings before heading off west.

We had just watched a Crossbill go over when the Bee-eater appeared right overhead.  It flew around for a few seconds before briefly pitching up in a bush at close range before clearing off again.

There were quite a few things moving, including Bullfinches, with 21 birds seen, but the second best birds of the day were 2 Hawfinch, very high up heading north.

Couple of Jays moving

At least 4 Ring Ouzels out towards the boundary

Inquisitive Roe Deer

Popped in to see Gryllo, Shaun and Kevin who were ringing. Brambling showing well in nearby tree.

Damn twigs!