Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Purple Patch for Portland(ers!)

Sorry, couldnt resist that heading! 

The day after the Lord Mayors show was actually pretty good. Tuesday 23rd Oct turned up a stunning Daurian Shrike.

Top fields were quite busy, producing at least 5 Ring Ouzels and a couple of Short-eared Owls

Wednesday, and another good look around Southwell didnt turn up anything mega but a Siberian Chiffchaff at Eight Kings Quarry was a nice find. Complete with call.

Back again Thursday to have a look for a pale looking Stonechat reported late on Wednesday.
On arrival I mentioned the report to Grahame and along with Duncan we went off to have a look for it.
We had only been gone a few minutes when it was picked up on a fence wire just west of Culverwell.
It was pretty mobile and at some distance. It was noted at the time that the upperparts were rather dark and the rump more saturated.
We didnt want to get too close and flush it before others arrived so photos not the best. 
That evening Paul Leader rang Martin to say that the bird looked very much like stejnegeri and he should try and trap it. This was duly done. To cut a long story short the dna proved it to be Stejnegers Stonechat a first confirmed British record!

Late Willow Warbler Avalanche road hump

Grey Seal off of East Cliffs

Long-eared Owl hut fields