Friday, November 9, 2012

Durlston again

Couldnt get back to Durlston until 5th Nov. Again another great morning but no headline bird this time.
Highlights were over 120 Brambling and 25 Bullfinch on the move. Also a few vocal Firecrests about.

There were also several large flocks of Starlings moving, all heading north. Couldnt quite see but it appeared they were all coming in straight off the sea.

Missed the Lap Bunt on 6th but back again on 7th. A flock of 14 Swallows hanging around hawking for most of the morning was quite unseasonable. Everytime they appeared we would have another look through them, just in case they had been joined by something more interesting. 2 House Martin later were noteworthy. Other birds were Crossbill and a few more Bullfinch. 
Two Woodlark and a flock of 12 Fieldfare, along with another 20 odd Swallows were highlights from 8th but the 9th provided a real treat with 3 individual Hawfinches past, one low down and giving that rather unassuming 'seep' call. I even managed to get a recording but rather typically this coincided with the only vehicle of the morning, a dustbin lorry that just happen to be passing at the time! I mean what are the chances of that! Good numbers of Goldfinch still moving with over 1240 birds, interspersed with 7 Crossbill and 9 more Bullfinch.