Sunday, November 18, 2012


A nice calm sunny day, so decided to try Winspit. On arrival the car park was overflowing and there were people, kids and dogs everywhere so I made an immediate about turn! With the Ferry not running we then thought perhaps Studland may not be that busy but how wrong we were. I never learn!
There was only one course of action left, go home and get something to eat. About an hour later came the message, 'Dusky Warbler at Winspit'.
Although I am still trying to do this photographic yearlist so should have been pleased, my first reaction was f*****g hell! Why did I turn back this morning, I could have found that bird!
Anyway after dipping the Portland bird two days running, I was determined to get this one.
On arrival the finder, along with Gryllo and Pete Williams were spread out looking for it and had negative news. No sooner had this been mentiond, the bird started calling right in front of me. Getting a photo however proved extremely difficult. Although apparently showing quite well when it was first found, it was now very elusive. It moved around pretty quickly but always in cover, we were only able to track it by its regular calls.
These are the best shots I could muster. Very heavily cropped. Birds photographed this year now 282.