Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan

Didnt have to sweat too long over the decision not to photograph the Greylags in Poole Park. Was up in Norfolk the next day photographing some proper plastic ones. Although who knows...
Also into the bargain, Barnacle and White-fronted Goose. These were in fields next to the main road looking toward Holkham

Grey Partridges at back of field

Ross's Goose also viewable from road

Flushed Pink-feet.

Next stop Titchwell. I am not going to go on about dudes this time but I will just say that I got berated by one not long after arriving!
As usual there was a gathered crowd looking for the Coues's with not much finding going on so I wandered off a bit. I could hear Redpolls calling so increased my attention. After a few minutes I managed to locate the Coues's so started vigorously taking photos. Needless to say this attracted attention and I was soon joined by lots of others. The bird was moving about a bit so I had to manoeuvre around. On doing this I must have inadvertently got in the way of one of the people. The next thing I heard was "bloody photographers". To say I was somewhat irked! I mean, the cheek, I located the bird for christ sake, I never asked any body to come over, if I hadnt of found it they would have still been staring aimlessly into empty trees! Anyway luckily for the heckler I still had photos to take! And here they are. Not great as against the light etc

Note the thin undertail covert streak, a good feature for separating pale Mealies.

Does look a bit bull-necked here

There were also a couple of Mealies kicking about but didnt manage to get any meaningful shots unfortunately.


Did a bit of pottering after that. Think this was Blakeney harbour

Managed to take this whilst driving. Think I did quite well there!

Ended up back at Holkham where was hoping to try for Shorelark etc but on seeing all the cars and people knocked that idea on the head.
Pinks were showing well though

Ross's Goose became viewable again. Not sure this photo is any improvement on the first one. It just wouldnt put its head up. Not that I can count it by BOU anyway.

Pinks heading off to roost

Rather lovely evening shot to round off the day!