Friday, January 13, 2012

13th Jan

Off to try for the Humes again. Arrived at first light at the 'roosting bush' to get it as it awoke. Bloody freezing. Teamed up with John (Lucas) who was also one of the gathered hopefuls. Two hours and lots of chat later it still hadnt come out, so we decided to bugger off and look for the Richards. We didnt take long to pick it up as it was calling on arrival. It was behind the fenced off area but managed a few shots.

Feeling a bit more upbeat and warmer we decided to go back and try again for the Humes. On my first visit I had been told by the finder that the bird spent most of the day in the Caravan Park so we headed there.
After no more than 5 minutes we had found it calling in very low bushes amongst the caravans.
The thing was that it wouldnt come out. It was working the low bushes from within remaining out of sight, occasionally being seen super briefly or in a short flight before disappearing again. It managed to work its way right along to the end and then it stopped calling and that was that. Never managed to get a sniff of a photo. John had to get back but I was able to stay for another hour or so. I heard it a few more times but never saw it.

Tame Crow amongst the caravans

Distant fly-over Marsh Harrier

Quick look in at Radipole on the way back to mop up 6 ticks in one photo!

Off to Poole where the car was booked in for some work so left it at the garage and wandered down to the front.

Roosting Dunlin flushed from the breakwater

Ringed Plover also disturbed

Bumped into Joe Cockram at Baiter who was busily studying his Brents. Most had been flushed off, so he joined me for a dudey walk around Poole Park where we had some lovely birds!

Well thats enough wildfowl for one morning. Just couldnt bring myself to take a photo of the Greylags