Friday, January 6, 2012

Junk photos

Second attempt for the Dark-eyed Junco. Today the weather is much better (no trees falling etc).
I did actually see it on my first attempt but it was in flight after I had flushed it off the ground right at the other end of the plantation so no photos. Needless to say I was the only one to see it that afternoon as the gathered crowd remained loyal to the exact (and I mean exact) spot it was seen some 4 hours before. In fairness I think one person did wander some yards down the track although he may have been trying to find the rest room.

The bird didnt take long to show. Rather ironically the trees that had been blown over in the high winds had provided some perching facilities. Not all that near however but beggars etc etc

Flight shot!

A bloke working for a bird food company had arrived in his works van so that was handy. He put out a load of seed on another fallen tree and it wasnt too long before it was found

Managed also to get one digiscoped shot which shows a bit more detail