Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have been waiting for this for some time. Whilst I was doing some survey work last autumn in Kent I was just marvelling at how nice it was (a view point overlooking Northward Hill) and I thought to myself, I really should make an effort to try and see some more places (and birds) in Britain. It was during this period of quiet reflection (tea break - honest!) that the idea of a photographic year list was rekindled. Why dont I try (properly this time) to photograph 300 (or more) bird species in a year in Britain.

I am not entirely sure what happened on the 1st but on the 2nd I was out bright and early to nail the Humes Yellow-browed. Easy, its by post 13. Was it f**k, 3 hours later and not a sniff. Then as dusk began to fall there was a call, that's it, thats the bird. It was very active and very vocal but kept to the middle of the bushes. I managed to see it a few times but with the myriad of tiny branches everywhere I just couldnt get a lock on it. Ten minutes later, it and the light had vanished. An excellent start!

I didnt go home empty handed though.
Depending on your taxonomic bent there are 1 or 2 species here.

Some empty bushes

Firing range in the last throws of sunshine