Friday, November 6, 2009

A day for Pigeons

Went to the top of Brenscombe Hill this morning to try and catch some Pigeon and corvid movement. Plenty of Wood Pigeons to be seen but no corvids today. Counted some 7500 birds moving south west, many over Newton Heath to Purbeck ridge with many birds making bee lines for the valleys through the ridge. Wind west 3+ keeping them low, many stopping for a rest in the trees for a few minutes before carrying on. Plenty missed to east and probably to north with 26,800 over South Haven

A few Stock Doves in with the flocks seemingly mostly at the head of the flocks although probably just easier to pick out at the front. Did have however a number of specific flocks of 8,9,13,1 and 6. Below is 12 of the 13 strong flock.

A few finches also on the move including Brambling and Crossbills and at least a couple of Bullfinch.
Distant shot of Brambling past which went silently through with some Chaffinch.

Stopped at Knoll beach car park for some food, some of it going to this 1st year Carrion Crow. Note the brown worn out immature remiges and retrices contrasting quite markedly with the fresher adult feathers.