Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winters coming

Quick look in at Studland churchyard. Whilst sat on the bench there, noticed Rooks and Jackdaws actively to-ing and fro-ing. On closer inspection the Rooks were carrying crop fulls of acorns. Followed this up to find them in the top of an Oak tree picking them off rather than collecting from the ground. Presumably then off to bury them somewhere.

Also Jay seen doing same.

Next went to look for sycamore birds around Studland. Managed to entice out no less than 13 Firecrests
Bit agitated, this one

In low light conditions and some more persistence managed to get a few more shots of which this is probably the best.

Knoll beach carpark, as well as 3 Firecrests there, a late White Wagtail

and some Oystercatchers feeding on earth worms