Sunday, November 8, 2009

Corfe Castle

Pretty eventful at Corfe Castle today. Started pre dawn at the top of Challow Hill which overlooks the castle.
Fieldfare were the first birds in the notebook with 8 going west. Before it was properly light no less than 87 had gone by including a flock of 44. Firecrest calling from somewhere below.

As this place is so high many birds dont break the skyline. Did hear a flock of Crossbill + calls from Brambling Siskin etc. 3 Bullfinch west. Also flock of 64 Starling south.

On the walk back was thinking how Corfe Castle ruins looked a good place for Black Redstart. Sat down and scoped the ruins to pick up 2 birds!

Back to the NT car park for some food. Whilst sat in the car noticed something creeping around in the bushes which turned out to be a Firecrest

Managed to keep still here for at least a second

Decided to then try and get some shots of the Black Redstarts so paid my money and went into the castle grounds. At the top they were proving very elusive indeed. These birds also wouldnt keep still. The shot is a bird on the top of the highest part of the ruin.

The Ravens were hanging around also

Both birds were seen regularly on the top of the ruin very near the nest site.
This bird came in and started callling and displaying from the top.

It then rose up and hung in the wind a foot or two above the ruin.

Who dat down dare

Had a look over the wall to see what was about, there was a presumed Buzzard being mobbed by Ravens. Bins were in the bag so just settled for some record shots to look at later.
Looking at it now it does seem a bit of an odd bird.
On certain shots it looks quite Honey Buzzard like. The third pic however seems to point to Common Buzzard, which presumably it is.

Anyway have a look at the shots they do make for an interesting bird.

The first 2 shots look like it has a grey head and pale eye and lots of barring

On this it looks more bulky with a pale chin etc

Upper parts do look quite light.