Wednesday, June 12, 2013

West Bex Caspian Tern

A little tricky to pin down initially after being very mobile, going out of sight to the north-west and to the south-east before eventually settling into a bit of a routine. This involved mostly loafing on the beach, interspersed with trips to the Mere for some food and back again to the beach to digest the catch. 

The first couple of trips to the Mere were immediately successful resulting in very brief visits followed by long periods on the beach.
The next trip was fortunately not so successful! resulting in a fair few circuits allowing us to fill our boots with views and photos. You will be glad to know it did catch something in the end.

The bird had a brownish coloured ring on it's right leg which looked a bit small for a darvic ring and no colours used by the ringing projects match up.  Have read some interesting stuff that suggests its a metal ring thats been tarnished in the winter quarters. Thanks James.