Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tick, untick, tick again....

Got up too late to get a lift from Steve Smith but looking at Peter Moore's photos I may have turned up about the right time. Meow!!  It was still skulking in trees on arrival but it couldnt contain its hunger any longer and had to eventually come out and face the crowd. Infact by mid afternoon it was pretty active, if a bit flighty.
Lots and lots of chat about variation, hybrids with Naumann's and indeed Black-throated Thrush sent most people around in circles. With disagreement even amongst people that live in these birds normal range. At the moment everybody is hoping that Lars Svensson knows what he's talking about!

Paying its respects. Apparently there were 2 Naumann's in the graveyard.

 Best shot I could get of tail and rump