Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scotland (part 4)

With the indifferent weather, we had put off going up to the top of Cairn Gorm. Luckily on the last morning we woke to brilliant sunshine.

View from the carriage. Not sure if the Reindeer has paid. Which reminds me of something which made me laugh out loud. Whilst queueing for a ticket there were a couple at the kiosk with a dog. They asked for tickets for them and the dog but were told that they couldnt take the dog up, only bring it back down!! Classic!

View from the top

Still a bit of snow on Ben Macdui. Apparently there is a woman who has skied here on every day of the year so far! Completely bonkers!

Ptarmigan showing well

Couldnt find any Dotterels however

We were now out of time and had to head home.
On the way back we began to get perilously low on fuel so we checked the trusty Tom Tom for the nearest garage. After going out of our way for a couple of miles to get there, this is what we were greeted with.

Did eventually get to another garage on the vapour.

Our continued journey south was brightened by one of the local buses. I saw this bus on 'Mock The Week' apparently it looks like Dara O Briain!

Not very inspiring!

Early morning somewhere in southern Northumberland

Black Grouse country near Langdon Beck, Upper Teesdale

A few poor digiscoped pics