Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portland and Weymouth

Arrived at the Obelisk just in time to see the back end of a real close in Balearic Shearwater. Unfortunately this event wasnt repeated during the next 90 minutes. Did get good enough shots however to get it onto the photographic yearlist

Common Scoters. 233rd species photographed this year

Next stop Lodmoor to have a look at the White-winged Black Tern. Looking from the car park I could see it was feeding in the middle of the reserve so took my time to get there, hoping it would eventually get nearer.

Common Terns were suffering with the extreme water levels at Lodmoor. With the islands underwater the chicks that were big enough were able to make their way to the nearby banks

Pooh flight shot

Sorry for terrible shot here. They all count for the year

30 minutes later and still had only made it to the little bridge on the footpath, spending most of the time chatting to Stan as the WWBT fed at distance. Phyl England also arrived so spent a further 15 minutes nattering. I never did make it any further up that path for the following reason. As we were all idly chatting, somebody decided to throw some bread to the ducks. Suddenly there was pandamonium as not only the ducks but also the gulls and some of the Terns all rushed over. However what happened next was truly incredible, the WWBT came charging over and dived into the water for some bread right in front of us. Not only that, but it also started having a go at the gulls. Must have been hungry! It continued to circle around and dive in at very close range completely ignoring everybody stood on the path. It was actually too close to photograph most of the time and when it was in range it jinked and twisted making it very difficult to get onto.

Here with a mouthful of bread