Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14th Feb

Spot Sand at Fishermans Bank. Clean unmarked tertials, rather broad based fleshy coloured bill and yellowy legs showing well here.

You can see the shorter wing bar here, although the line of pale covert tips could possibly give the impression the bar was continuing further toward the body

This rather more distant shot shows the feature better

Dark markings can be seen here around the vent/lower belly area. I assumed that it was starting to moult into summer plumage but apparently this is normal for a winter plumaged bird. Mind you they are not exactly nice black spots, more like brown mud splashes really

Off to Harbridge for some Swans. This Bewick's seems to be enjoying itself

Now its trying to conduct an orchestra

Whooper rather less active

One of those other ones

Also had a look in at Blashford where Lesser Redpoll and Siskin were also additions to the photographic yearlist

This Mealy also made a brief appearance