Saturday, February 11, 2012

11th Feb

Another go for the Paddyfield with the same result. This is the 'tyre bush' where all the reported sightings had been coming from. Didnt realise it was so far away. Wouldnt have bothered if i'd have known. A wren caused a great deal of excitement for a while until somebody pointed out it was a Wren. Needless to say none of the people hoping to see the bird actually looked anywhere else, just stared into the bush all morning stringing Wrens Cetti's and even a Stonechat at one point.

It was very cold again, bringing out the odd Water Rail

Lots of Brent Geese

Off to Blackdown to look for the putative Parrot Crossbill. On driving north it soon became apparent that there had been a fair amount of snow. The pond that the bird had been coming to was completely frozen over. There were a few Crossbills about but all standard size bills