Sunday, September 11, 2011

Middlebere + Brownsea

Early next morning and with some strong winds still about, wanted to see if anything else was tempted up the channel, but alas not.
Up to 9 Spoonbills now which were there at first light

Another Middlebere regular soon put pay to their loafing

Unfortunately still a bit dark for fast shutter speeds

Later made my way to Brownsea where I was greeted by Mark at the quay who had kindly invited me to stay at the cottage he and Mo were renting for the week.
Cormorant fishing close in

Odd sort of growth here on the lower mandible

The cottage was on the quayside and on an Oystercatcher flightline

Also a few Terns passing

As well as the odd Snowlark.
Looked this one up later and found it was flying under the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

In the evening we went to record the very vocal Cormorant roost on the lagoon. They dont roost on the main spit like in the daytime but use all the scattered islands including the Tern islands which does become a problem in the summer.
There was quite a substantial Gull roost also, presumably due to the high winds in the bay. In with the many Herring and GBBGs there was one intermedius and just a couple of graellsii and then there was this individual below, which was easily as dark as the GBBGs and really quite small. Check out the size of the HGs behind which are further away. Also around 12 Arctic Terns roosting