Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 2 Brownsea

Up bright and early at first light to be greeted by the Barfleur passing by

Counted 216 Sandwich Tern leaving the harbour which I would say is some count given the time of year. Most of these were migrants that had spent the night on the lagoon, the local birds had since departed. Also heading out were 45 Commics virtually in one flock which no doubt included the Arctics that had been seen last night.

This time a Shag fishing close in shore

A few Terns also hanging around

Roosting Oyks

As the tide began to drop birds started to leave for their feeding areas. A large majority flew straight over the quay then headed south and south west to the southern shoreline

After waving off the last boat of the day, made my way to the lagoon for the evening watch. Ewan had reported a rather long bodied looking peep so was watching out for that when this thing appeared on the island. To say I was quite surprised was an understatement, not the usual sort of place you would expect to find a Buff-breasted Sand. A few people on the island including Chris Thain managed to get there before it got too dark. Unfortunately Mark and Mo had left that morning so they were not best pleased!

Couldnt find Ewans 'odd' bird but did manage 24 Arctic Terns that had come in to roost.
One intermedius also in the gull roost