Sunday, December 12, 2010

Waxwings Poole

Great to finally see some of these birds in Dorset. Was actually in Bournemouth and had just seen a party of 6 fly over as I was driving. Then got the call there were 2 at Sainsburys Poole.

Drove around the car park to no avail, then spotted them in a tall tree across the road. However there were now over 30. Legged it over there to see around 35 birds preening in the top of the tree. They were very vocal and there was a constant trill the whole time I was there.

Rather frustratingly time was getting on and the berries they were dropping down to feed on were in the shade and when they were in the tall tree they were a bit high up. A few opportunities did arise though as they briefly dropped into the 'middle' not so tall tree on their way to the berry tree.
Sorry all that was a bit boring but I didnt get reams and reams of point blank stunning shots so thought I would get my excuses in first.

One did stay in the 'middle' tree long enough to have a scratch and a preen