Thursday, December 2, 2010

More garden arrivals inc 'stockamsel' Blackbird

A fairly heavy overnight snowfall brought a sharp increase in garden bird activity this morning.
At first light the feeders were very busy. Took the first pics with a flash which seems to capture the moment ok

Bit more daylight now

With feeding perches at a premium many birds were forced to feed on the dropped seeds

No winter scene is complete without a Robin

Up to 6 Blackbirds feeding on the lawn. We all know that we get many continental Blackbirds for the winter but it is nice to actually identify one.
This bird shows some pale edged 'chevrons' on the lower belly which is a feature of the variation stockamsel which I am led to believe is a German word for these birds. Coined by Naumann of thrush fame. This isnt a particularly classic bird, but beggars cant be choosers