Monday, June 14, 2010


At least 5 Hobbies flying around the area, rather oddly all were 2nd calendar year birds.
This one looks like it could still pass as a juvenile from underneath, although looking very closely at the body feathers there does seem to be a small splash of colour around the vent area

Very brown upper parts on this bird which might have been the same bird as above, it certainly hasnt done much in the way of moult with just a few scattered adult scapulars and rump feathers. The white blobs on the primaries show up well

The juvenile tail feathers can be seen well on this bird

This one is much more advanced having moulted all of its body feathers and its tail also by the looks of things. The wings are still its originals but it should be replacing them very soon.

Juv Great Spot with its red crown

Roe Deer