Sunday, March 21, 2010

Langton Herring and Portland

The Hoopoe at Langton Herring was a bit elusive initially, but was eventually tracked down to the middle of the Kale field.

It did walk quite close but was then flushed by a passer by. Unfortunately it all happened a bit quick and I just missed out on a great shot.

Did get this one though which is a rather unusual angle

As soon as people stopped rushing about and flushing it, it became quite confiding and fed happily on the side of the footpath

Had a look in at Portland after where the other Hoopoe proved to be a bit more elusive, well infact it went completely missing. Cant complain too much though having already seen two this month.
Whilst at the Barns a freshly arrived Black Redstart flew in from the west, landed on the barn roof briefly, before then making its way along the posts and off to the south east.

This one is a first year male, with new dark greater coverts contrasting with the rest of the immature brown flight feathers. You can also see that it has at least a couple of new tertials