Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Fleet

Out to the tank traps first light, no sign of Bufflehead. Did see a Merlin being chased by a Peregrine over the sea.
Went to New Barn Road north of Abbotsbury to make sure it hadnt been seen from there.

First escapes of the day!

Bufflehead re-located at Langton Herring.

Record shot. You can just about make out the purple sheen on the top of its head. Spent most of its time in the company of Mergs and was not always welcome. Spent some time diving and was nearly always the furthest bird away.

Only showed its right leg when I was there but there was no ring on that. Wings also looked in pretty good shape when it occasionally opened them. Seems like a good candidate with the timing also spot on.

Didnt realise how tiny these birds are

The Hoodie's credentials have taken a bit of a battering since its arrival, but despite it hanging around and learning to come to bread still think this doesn't rule out a genuine bird.