Sunday, September 9, 2012

9th Sept

Stunning 1st summer male Red-footed Falcon at Chichester gravel pits. Digiscoped shot not really doing it justice

Hunting technique rather different to Hobby. Perhaps influenced by the abundance of Dragonflies. It just sat on its favourite branch until a hapless Dragon flew close enough to tempt him off. Hit or miss it returned back to the branch. This meant all flights were very quick, making it a bugger to photograph.

Blurred shot showing mixture of adult and juvenile feathers

It did make a couple of longer speculative flights allowing a few not so blurred shots

Having not had the time to get Wood Warbler on the breeding grounds, was tempted over to Portland to try and get it back for the year. There was one hanging around Portland Castle. Problem was the weather had somewhat deteriorated and the sycamores were swaying in the wind. Not ideal conditions.
Despite quite a concerted effort didnt manage to find it. Did see a nesting Wood Pigeon though!

The Monarch was still at Easton so we popped over there. As expected it was not feeding but was located roosting in a tall pine tree out of the wind.