Friday, May 11, 2012


Hadn't been to Portland for well over a week so thought it high time I paid another visit despite the seemingly unfavourable winds. Things were a bit quiet, however a kick around the hut fields disturbed a roosting Nightjar. Very close but brief views as it dived over one of the huts, the prominent white wing patches giving away its sex.
Had to settle for a shite photo of a Spotted Flycatcher to move my yearlist forward. You can see some spots though.

John Lucas mentioned he was pretty sure he had had a female type Golden Oriole in Culverwell but his views were very brief. I joined him in a search. We had just about covered all of the top fields area and were on our way back to the Obs when Martin called to say they had trapped a Golden Oriole.
And what a bird it was.

 Oriole crowd. Where did everybody come from!? Didnt see anybody in top fields!

Popped down to The Moors later in the day where there was a very vocal family of Tree Creepers. Another addition to the yearlist taking it to 210.