Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few more year ticks

11th April. Portland and Radipole.
Forgot about these as they were on another flashcard
It was another nice day at Portland but no quality about

Wheatears are quite well known for appearing later on in the morning. However a loose flock of 27 turning up together late morning was noteworthy. This was followed by yet more birds, many coming in without stopping.

A few did get caught in the Crown Estate fields nets, one of which was this Greenland race bird.

Was nearly back home when I got a call saying a Black-winged Stilt had been found at North Hide.
Obviously had to turn around and head back. It was still there but kept right at the back of the pool, mostly out of sight. Had to settle for some poor record shots

Whilst everybody was straining to see the Stilt, the Glossy Ibis came into view. Dont suppose there has been too many times when these birds have been seen feeding together in the UK

23rd April  
Some heavy rain had brought down this White Stork just along the road from Wool. Glad I went straight away as it was seen to fly north when the rain stopped

Certainly looks a bit sorry for itself

24th April Little Sea, Studland
Off to try for the Little Gull that had been hanging around for a few days

 Hercules having just dropped its cargo in Studland Bay

Little Gull still about