Monday, October 3, 2011

Humber and Spurn

3 Days surveying around the Humber and Spurn.
Not much time for photos but did get in a few

From here could hear Tree Sparrows calling behind me, havent heard those chattering for a while.

Local Grey Partridges, something else you dont see too often by the side of the road in Dorset

Found one a bit closer later

Tail on the leading bird is very orange

Howling westerlies at Spurn unfortunately so not much about apart from a few Gulls hanging in the wind

There were a few rather smart Greenland type Wheatears however

This male was the smartest of all but unfortunately the shyest.
Not sure why but these males are always seem to be the most difficult to approach

Black Pheasant somewhere back inland. There were a few of these about