Thursday, June 2, 2011

Purbeck Seabird Survey

Out counting the breeding seabirds today from Old Harry to White Nothe with Kevin and Trev Haysom. Lovely day for it.
Started at Old Harry

Probably too many photos of Old Harry there, sorry about that but such great conditions for photography. Birds of note here were a pair of GBBG, some HG and two House Martin nests.

One of the House Martins making its nest dome

Another GBBG family

This Fulmar nest within spitting distance of the cliff top!

The local Peregrines nest site

Cormorant colony (click to zoom)

Local Shag

Next stop Durlston auk colony

A bit further on from the main colony were a few more Guillemots including this bridled morph.

and another one near Blackers Hole

This bird between Blackers Hole and Dancing Ledge doesn't look so well marked as the other birds

4th bridled morph at Dancing Ledge

Onto Winspit where there was yet another bridled morph bird

Part of the Winspit colony

Cormorant drying off near Kimmeridge Bay

Nesting Shags also about

This adult was constantly pecking this juv on the head

Gad Cliff Cormorants, can you see them?

How about now?

Coastguards putting in some practice