Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden birds

Few juvenile Dunnocks now about

This male Bullfinch has spent the last few days hanging around here. This is only the second garden record after a one day bird in January.

Baby House Sparrow hiding in foliage

It has been funny watching this Blackbird trying to get a beak full of pellets. When it is full it tries for another and so drops one or two then it picks more up until full again, then tries to pick up another and drops some more again. Seriously this can go on for a couple of minutes!

Black heads dont come in when we are in view and have to abort when they see us

We are getting some of the now famous Dunnock shenanigans going on in the garden. Unfortunately as would be expected this is occuring deep in shadow so shots not great quality

Not sure he should be putting that there

Junior in the background looking on

Junior can you keep the noise down, cant you see we are busy