Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Possible heinei at Shell Ness

Bit of a movement of Gulls this morning in the strong winds. Most interesting was this Common Gull with a virtual hood. Although light levels were low making all the birds look darker the upperpart colour compared to other birds did seem genuinely a bit darker. One could also say it looks quite long winged.

Took a few more photos. This is the best shot of the wing pattern. A few things of note here particularly the smaller than usual mirrors particularly on P9.
Looking at the literature it appears there is another interesting feature on this bird and that is the presence of a black mark near the end of P4 a real pro heinei feature apparently. This can clearly be seen on the below photo. (can also be seen on the other wing)
Other things I noticed although couldnt find any reference to was the dark areas on the underwing. ie more lesser black backed than Herring sort of thing.