Sunday, January 16, 2011

A bit of quality

Shorelark at Reculver. This was one of 3 birds that have been wintering here. Was just about to get some cracking shots of Snow Bunting when a dog came in and scattered them. Unfortunately no time to chase about. Settle for this though

A quick detour to south east Kent on the way home.
Stopped at Dymchurch where these amazing looking Northern Long-tailed Tits were feeding

Dash to Dunge to try for Glauc and Glossy Ibis. Had to screech to a halt as this close Marsh Harrier went by

I here you say that I have already got Coot on the list, but look closer

Here is a better shot

A dip! The one I thought would be the easiest had buggered off for an hour
This is where the Glauc has been without fail for the past couple of weeks