Sunday, October 31, 2010


Couldnt resist the lure of south easterlies and drizzle today so it was off down to Portland to see if anything had been brought in. Did actually try a bit of vis mig at the Heights first thing as it can be very productive in these winds with birds following the Chesil but there was just too much drizzle in the end. A few Brambling and Redwings were moving inbetween the showers.
The sycamores at North Woods were very sheltered and looked quite promising but only gave up a few Goldcrests so it was off to the Bill.
On the way down got a call from Martin to say that they had just trapped a Pallas's so a quick turn of pace and I was soon there.

Bouyed on by this arrival I made my way to the Wakeham area to check the sycamores. It was whilst in the horse paddock there that I came across a rather broken up tit flock, some were in brambles others in a sycamore but in this bush was something rather small flitting around inside... My 4th self found Pallas's in Dorset

Stopped off at Ferrybridge on way back which was packed with Brents. Some quick scanning revealed 3 Black Brants and 4 Pale-bellied Brents

Brant 1

Brant 2

Brant 3

2 of the 3 ad Pale-bellied Brents

Juv moulting into 1st winter Pale-bellied

I dont think I missed any others but it wasnt long before someone was on the beach and had put the whole lot up.