Friday, September 10, 2010

Malaga to Tarifa

Day 1 of 2 weeks in southern Spain mostly involved driving from the Hotel at Malaga to our Finca near Tarifa with various stops for sight seeing on the way.
Cracking views of Morocco from Mirador del Estrecho etc.
These White Storks were part of a flock of 80 birds near Facinas which was a bonus after taking a wrong turn. Typically as soon as we had stopped by the side of the road and got the camera out a van with 3 very dodgy looking Moroccan types pulled over and started trying to talk to us. After previous experiences I smiled nicely explaining I dont speak dago and slowly started backing towards the car! They clearly didnt understand what I was saying so just decided to stop there and stare at us in a rather threatening manner it must be said after eventually giving up and driving off.
Anyway here are the some of the Storks.

A few more wrong turns later and we eventually arrive safe and sound.
It would have helped if this place actually had an address.