Monday, July 5, 2010


This family of Mandarins were on the Little Ouse at Santon Downham

The 3 young birds are still smaller than the female, with greyer heads but already have a fairly distinctive eye line. Flanks are streaky as opposed to the females large rounded spots

Here, in formation

Visited Lakenheath RSPB during another break. Amazed to see this 2nd World War American Flying Fortress.

This Marsh Carpet was trapped overnight. Something of a Lakenheath speciality. Although it had just came out of the fridge and was going nowhere the guy didnt want to take the lid off the jar unfortunately

Another B+B bird at Ickburgh, this was hunting mornings and evenings in the field adjoining the back garden

There was stiff competion for the area underneath the bird table. Most of the time this Red-legged Partridge actually attacked the Pigeons to see them off but was presumably not that hungry at this point.