Tuesday, December 8, 2009

North Studland

South Haven at first light to see what would come into the harbour. There was in fact some unexpected vis mig particularly given the west wind.
A total of 84 Goldfinch south, along with 3 Redpoll and a Brambling.
3 Eider also dropped down just off the beach and proceeded to drift into the harbour

This one a first year male

This one also a first year male, you can just see a pale area above the eye running down to the bill.

This one another, perhaps even younger male. A pale area above the eye can just be made out. It also has a dark back unlike adult female and a hint of some white bits lower down.

A scaly patterned juv Great Northern Diver



Pale-bellied showing white undercarriage

Hark the Herring 'a' Gulls sing!