Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yellow-legged Gulls etc

Nice juv at the Bill car park, note it already has some 2nd generation scapulars being born that much earlier in the year

Juv HG (with bottle) for comparison.
All the scapulars are still juvenile

Big-eyed Wheatear in the Bill quarry. This bird I almost literally bumped into, it was still half asleep and couldnt be bothered to move giving point blank views. Took some quick shots but unfortunately the sun was directly in front. By the time I had tried to manouevre around the other side it flew off. Still a tiny bit of jiggery pokery on the computer gives half a decent shot.

Sun is the right way round here!

Another juv YLG. This one at Ferrybridge. As with the other bird this has got some 2nd generation scapular feathers.